Canine Services

Walk time! The best time of the day! We specialize in pack walks to fulfill the social butterfly in your pup. Our pack walks are safe,

controlled and will always give your dog the maximum amount of exercise we can pack into 1 hour. To ensure personalized attention, we will never exceed 5 dogs in a pack, however our most common pack size is 4 dogs. Our pack walks are focused on creating a safe environment for both dogs and pack leaders. Although we love dogs of all sizes, in order to join our pack, dogs must weigh less than 70lbs. Please do not hesitate to ask us for a great referral. 


New addition to the family? Our puppy visits are 30 minutes in length and include potty breaks, short walks, feeding, fresh water and last but not least puppy love. You can relax knowing your new puppy is well cared for while you're at work. 




Pack Walks - 1 Hour  $18

Twice Daily  $32

Evenings/Weekends (subject to availability) - 30 mins  $27 

Puppy Visit (Up to 6 months) - 30 Minutes  $18

Twice Daily  $27

To enjoy our services, we require 3 or more days of services per week.


All prices are subject to HST




Gussy & Co Service Area

Ask about our in-home, cage free boarding referrals! Please contact for pricing.

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38 Grand Magazine St.

Toronto, ON


Tel: 416-906-8144


Regular walking hours


Monday to Friday

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